At MaptekCRM, we comprehend that getting and securing your information is the main obligation we have. We have established association wide cycles across the entirety of our business capacities to guarantee that we satisfy the obligation of getting your information.

Actual Security

The MaptekCRM development centre is in Thane Maharashtra India is under full actual security. Only approved staff approach the workplaces. Basic areas in the workplace are open only to approved people. Significant advanced records are put away in safe spot open only to approved people. The workplace is furnished with reconnaissance cameras and its pictures are routinely checked by approved people. The workplace is given 24×7 electricity supply, upheld by an option continuous electricity supply framework to guarantee smooth working in case of electricity failure.

Software Application Security

MaptekCRM has its application and information on Virtual Private Server from BigRock. The foundation for information bases and application workers is overseen and kept up by the cloud specialist organizations. At MaptekCRM, we adopt a coordinated strategy to application security, to guarantee everything from designing to organization, including engineering and quality confirmation measures agrees with our best standard of safety.

Software Application Architecture

The application is at first secured by server firewall which is prepared to counter ordinary DDoS assaults and other organization related interruptions. The second layer of security is a Web Application Firewall, which screens against culpable IPs, clients and spam. While the application can be gotten to exclusively by clients with substantial client access, it ought to be noticed that security in cloud-based items is a common obligation between the organization and the businesses who own those records on the cloud.

Software Application Development

We follow secure programming advancement lifecycle, where security testing is important for improvement. A security survey is a mandatory piece of designing and development.

Software Changes and Release Management

Changes in our software application follow a very distinct, systematic development and testing with verification of all changes deployment. All changes are only done by authorized development team and nobody else has access to our software application.

Data Erased

At the point when your record with us is ended, we make sure that all your information is erased neatly. Once data erased from server will not be recovered in any circumstances.

Reporting issues and threats

At MaptekCRM we take the assurance of our client's information truly. On the off chance that you have discovered any issues or imperfections affecting the information security or protection of MaptekCRM clients, kindly keep in touch with us on email, so we can take immediate action on it. Don't share or announce an uncertain weakness with/to outsider. In the event that you present a weakness report with us, our team will quickly take steps on it:

  • Respond in an ideal way, recognizing receipt of your weakness report
  • Investigate the detailed issue and give an expected time period to tending to the weakness report.
  • We may request your direction in distinguishing or recreating the issue and seeing any way to settling the risk immediately and inform you when the issue has been fixed. - Real Estate CRM, CRM for Real Estate Industry, CRM for Real Estate Brokers, CRM for Builders and Developers, CRM Solution for Real Estate, Sales CRM for Real Estate